I Used To Know Her Album Review

Technically, H.E.R's I Used To Know Her isn't an actual album but an EP that is the prelude to the artist's debut album (but what really is the difference though) H.E.R is one of R&B's enigmatic artistes who has been trying to keep 'incog-negro' by preferring to stay in the shadows and donning sunglasses always.... Continue Reading →


Everything Is Love Album Review

First off, I aspire to reach the scheming and conniving potential of The Carters. Talk about shock value. They deserve all the applause for being the epitome of moving in silence and genius marketing. It was a calm Saturday and I was getting into the array of albums that just dropped from Jay Rock's Redemption... Continue Reading →

Sex & Cigarettes

Its been 4 years since Toni's perceived last joint collaboration with Babyface on Love, Marriage & Divorce, which was a criminally underrated album. On March 23rd, that all changed with the release of Sex & Cigarettes. Somebody made Toni Braxton stark raving mad by the sounds of her 9th studio album, Sex & Cigarettes, and... Continue Reading →

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