The Thrill Of It All

Following the grand success of his debut album In The Lonely Hour, Sam Smith further proved his greatness in Contemporary RnB in his sophomore album The Thrill Of It All. 3 years of waiting were not in vain. The records depict a sensitive vulnerability with laced lyrics inspired by heartbreaks, bound to evoke empathy from... Continue Reading →


The People I Used To Know

This is my first of album review series and kicking us off is K Michelle's The People I Used To Know published via Atlantic Records. The reality star songstress re-introduced herself a year after More Issues Than Vogue and earned her some more Rebels (her hive) with this body of work, so provocative and soulful... Continue Reading →

Mood; PMVA2017

The Standard Group, home of Pulse Magazine, organized a fabulous late-night event to honor the hard work of the local artists. I was excited to be in attendance and got to the experience all the lights, camera and action. The Pulse Music Video Awards saw a conglomeration of Kenyan artists, cinematographers, producers, video directors and... Continue Reading →

Face The Music

While counting my blessings on a good Sunday as this, music stands tall. Pleasant sounds of feelings, that would strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears from the eyes of woman. My Kenyan RnB and soul song-stars specifically, with love songs that will outlive all sermons in memory. Shame on those who... Continue Reading →

Pink Problems

Being the lover of all things pop culture and good music that I am, I stay with one ear to the streets regarding trending topics mostly concerning the same. My guilty pleasure hailing from The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan to TMZ, Wendy Williams and the Shaderoom. With that mentioned, Nicki Minaj came out and... Continue Reading →

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