I Used To Know Her Album Review

Technically, H.E.R's I Used To Know Her isn't an actual album but an EP that is the prelude to the artist's debut album (but what really is the difference though) H.E.R is one of R&B's enigmatic artistes who has been trying to keep 'incog-negro' by preferring to stay in the shadows and donning sunglasses always.... Continue Reading →


Jorja Smith Lost & Found Review

Jorja Smith is 21 years old. That is a loaded statement to keep in mind listening to this album. Think about what you were doing at 21. I bet you were anything but confident, mature or patient. Twenty-one is where you're just figuring out your place in the world; 21 is an age of endless... Continue Reading →

Neyo’s Good Man Review

In 2018 where we are all so quick with it to brand young emerging acts like Cardi B as superstars and legendary (though her debut album was incomparable), RnB singer Neyo has actually earned his stripes. His debut album, more than a decade ago, In My Own Words was so commercially successful and had everybody... Continue Reading →

My Dear Melancholy,

I was quick to dismiss this album following my first listen. It is so very sad and depressing, ergo the title of the EP. But because the project clocks a quick snack-sized 22 minutes, I endured through a couple more listens because apparently The Weeknd is so great musically, so much so that he has... Continue Reading →

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