Chained To The Rhythm

A slave has no owner all proprietors that show at the auction are his keepers and masters ripe for the picking, freedom is no choice the Frank masters in their fedoras have some choice words as they laugh in jest and hate exchanging francs The slave's half choice is house or field his imagined freedom... Continue Reading →

A Forest And A Hard Place

The decline of the Mau Forest has been a heavily contentious issue for Kenya and East African states at large. For decades now, the country’s largest indigenous forest that lies in the Rift Valley bed has been facing complete extinction after its existence for so many decades. It is estimated that over 5 million people... Continue Reading →

Iggy Survive The Summer Review

2018 has seen female rap flourish. From City Girls' Period, Kashdoll's Brat Mail, Cupcake's Euphoria, Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy and Nicki Minaj's Queen, the women are earning their stripes as formidable forces in rap. Stripper music should be a genre and all proceeds credited to T-Pain the GOAT for making it mainstream (refer to... Continue Reading →

Something’s In The Water

Today the lunar eclipse and the mercury retrograde slam and a collision of mass proportions will cause blood to moon about absurdities are normalized like those meant to protect and serve deceive and cave into cocoons woven on the backs of the destitute absurdities like governors calling on rivers to reverse their course so that... Continue Reading →

Everybody Tripping

The alarm clock went off with a shrill at 4.45 am 'Shut that bloody thing off!' came Jane's prompt sluggish response. Gina could barely make out Jane's stream of muzzled expletives from her roused sleep. Her alarms were always set to be loud enough to wake the dead because Gina slept like she belonged in... Continue Reading →

The Warmth Of Other Suns Book Review

Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist Isabel Wilkerson, The Warmth Of Other Suns recounts of people who journeyed from America's south states during the Great Migration, and it is their collective stories that inform every aspect of the book. Through the perspectives of different characters, this  book tries to capture the story of how colored/black/African-American... Continue Reading →

Paid For

The way she moves, magnificently strutting with a purpose No lazy strides in red bottoms The way she sits her ample behind as if posing for the Vogue cover The way her darting tongue swirls from her bright cherry lips On her straw sipping on her Bloody Mary The way her aromatic aura wants for... Continue Reading →

Nicki Minaj Queen Album Review

Queen is Nicki Minaj's fourth studio album after a 4 year long hiatus from its predecessor The Pinkprint. The rapper has had to prove herself in the wake of the rise of female hip hop in 2018 Nicki has been running the monopoly on female MC's for nearly a decade as the reigning MC's Eve,... Continue Reading →

Dreams Never Die

I went to sleep on top of the world and in my forty winks, the sandman tried to hoodwink me through rose colored glasses and pasted smiles no sweeter than lemon pastries paying my dreams dust stuck them in a vault locked airtight, beads of sweat form in fright tossing and turning now unsafe in... Continue Reading →

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