Anderson .Paak Oxnard Album Review

Dr Dre, despite his MAJOR lifestyle flaws(read Michel'le), is undoubtedly one of greater statesmen in hiphop, dead or alive. The self-made billionaire introduced the world to the talented Anderson .Paak who embodies hip hop soul in 2015. And we have been blessed since. .Paak has collaborated on some dope projects with Kendrick Lamar on To Pimp... Continue Reading →


What Do You Do?

What do you do when you give your all and then some and your all is reciprocated in less than 69 ways what do you do when you would lay down and take a bullet and he won't even go down and take a licking what do you do when you take pride in your... Continue Reading →

TI Dime trap Album Review

It is very refreshing to hear rap age so fine. It's a feat that we haven't witnessed as much in past generations. There is a faction of rappers that seem to have mustered still creating top-tier rap even after years of existing in the genre without sounding like they are stuck in a time vault... Continue Reading →

Question everything

Is my fate already confined and sealed with a pretty pink bow Predetermined and set in stone Is freedom of choice a mere fallacy propagated to appease and pacify Are my choices really even mine Or it it all an elaborate ruse A scenic mirage An embodiment manipulated by the living universe Playing tricks on... Continue Reading →

Smoking Heat

Passion. Intense. Arousal I crave it, the dementia with a dash of drama So I am no longer just demure busy minding my own; forgettable That sizzle of awareness that courses through, flowing in my veins stimulating me back to the land of the living igniting a fire and ridding my senses a frenzy of... Continue Reading →

The Matriarchal Wanja Wahoro

Afro-soul singer Wanja Wahoro is a plethora of artistic talent. Not only is the Kenyan rising star a gifted composer and songwriter, the jazzy musician is additionally a multi-instrumentalist. She started off covering songs and her sultry renditions of Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill that sparked her some notoriety speaks to her versatile influences in... Continue Reading →

Chained To The Rhythm

A slave has no owner all proprietors that show at the auction are his keepers and masters ripe for the picking, freedom is no choice the Frank masters in their fedoras have some choice words as they laugh in jest and hate exchanging francs The slave's half choice is house or field his imagined freedom... Continue Reading →

A Forest And A Hard Place

The decline of the Mau Forest has been a heavily contentious issue for Kenya and East African states at large. For decades now, the country’s largest indigenous forest that lies in the Rift Valley bed has been facing complete extinction after its existence for so many decades. It is estimated that over 5 million people... Continue Reading →

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