Heads Will Roll

How did I end up here? she mused Life indeed had proved itself the head rolling rollercoaster, the endgame of all rides. Her soiled hands were trembling so much that she was fearing she had lost grip of her sanity. She kept on fumbling with her glaringly empty ring finger in trepidation even as she... Continue Reading →


Agency Girls

Working in an advertising agency is an experience that I was never really prepared for. Neither did I ever know nor picture myself being a part of that world. My naivetĂ© and I were anything but ready for the whirlwind of experience that would mark the commencement of my professional life at twenty two years... Continue Reading →

Preparations and reparations

It was Friday and Gina was ecstatic that the week was coming to an end. Plus for once she didn't have to report to work on Saturday. Her ancestors must have been smiling some good luck down at her and it was about damn time that they did. She had experienced a tiring (usual) week... Continue Reading →

Rationale In Portions

Andrew Shaka, Dru to his circle of friends, swirled the Merlot in his glass for what seemed like the umpteenth time as he laid back on his seat and tried to focus on the thoroughly spirited conversation at hand on his table. Usually he was a natural at these charitable social events. So much so... Continue Reading →

Everybody Tripping

The alarm clock went off with a shrill at 4.45 am 'Shut that bloody thing off!' came Jane's prompt sluggish response. Gina could barely make out Jane's stream of muzzled expletives from her roused sleep. Her alarms were always set to be loud enough to wake the dead because Gina slept like she belonged in... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business

Jane was the life of any party. She would walk into a room and it would be like she came in with her own entourage of personalized branded rays of sunshine. She was that girl, so feisty and storing way too much life in her 5 foot frame.She was never one to shy away from... Continue Reading →

A Slain Queen

Her usually irritable husband, Maina, was being too nice and polite. Eeringly so. Considering the heated exchanges that often defined their tumultuous one year marriage. Maria couldn’t even remember the last time she adorned her marital ring. Wedded bliss had dried quicker than wet paint. On this ordinary day, he had woken up earlier than... Continue Reading →

Paving Paths

It was well after midnight when Maria made it home. The clubs in Utawala were still going strong, and though it was January, the clubs were packed. All the tables on the sidewalks were packed. In some places the crowds spilled out into the street, and she had to slow almost to a crawl to... Continue Reading →

Happy Hour Deals

Gina Kola still had moments of disbelief and downright awe when she would catch herself staring at her gigantic ring. Anticipation was natural she guessed. Sure nerves were to be expected following official pronouncements of commitment. At least that's what she was telling herself as she made her way into Kiza Lounge. As the sun... Continue Reading →

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