And we oop..

After the show What we do here, stays right here at the parking lot for sure in this moment that late night ride to drive each other crazy lets keep it on the low nobody has to know let them hear though boots knocking fast and hard sounds of apprehension locked out sweat and steam... Continue Reading →


Vaguely Important Person

another day the sun is out another vague church harambee looms in the open not without your favorite politician, never that His beady eyes dancing over his shiny forehead oversized teeth gleaming a sharp contrast to his black as sin skin seated at the helm of the stand, this vaguely important person patiently awaits the... Continue Reading →

Dead Men

Dead men walk amongst us walk with the living Dead men are not friends with living men in paper soft whispers they condescend and rebuke us whose wits seem halfway about us, with no provocation they offer them no gifts yet they demand libation wired, we are meant to believe short of wiping their phantom... Continue Reading →

How many ways?

How many ways can you count leaping over a bridge a thousand times you chant and pout lie and lay over every time another peaceful piece burnt etched into nothingness a deep blackness void of hum and rum  

Preying Pastors

Slowly he rowed this man of the cloth cloaked in his sackcloth led by said sanctified spirits to a place of waters ordained by him, the back of beyond a safe place; these hallowed waters of acclaimed River Jordan confessed and prayed to the lord fervently he did and absolved himself he surely did thank... Continue Reading →

Loaded Gun

I killed him aimed a gun to his head and cocked it fingers steady on the trigger all he did was stand there, so still eyes aloof as if in a crazed dementia ready to take it like a man he wanted to be set free I'm already dead anyway, he said you wrecked me... Continue Reading →

Good riddance

a spell is cast with a telling brash brush-off 'It's over' and head turned with whiplash quickness a devilish cold shutdown - no questions asked perhaps a theatrical 'its not me its you' would be better? still rejection is one helluva reality check like cold metal that clamps on the heart the sting of tearing... Continue Reading →

Silver and Gold

A raw shimmer spread through her never paying mind to the thronging crowd amassing they would just have to wait light sensations washed over her she had deemed long forgotten when she'd been damn near dead inside like a brick of wood, grim and brimstone parched and wilted, broke and brute time had finally pitied... Continue Reading →

Say it with your chest

and if you could I pray that you do say it as often as they do louder than they do as unapologetic as they are trivial when they do whisper it gasp it moan it spell it; head high eye to eye bad, bold and blunt with some bass in it so the imps feel... Continue Reading →

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