The Floating Ballerina

It feels like you have been in a constant state of dreams and illusions. The lines in the sand have gotten blurry. You can’t tell what’s real or where figments of your imagination creep in. Your face is constantly filled with creased lines. The bags under your eyes tell of a restlessness. The days are... Continue Reading →

A discovery of selves

She has hidden rooms within her Each covered in a mystical aura In one room a different voice The poet and loud lover, brash and rash Singing herself hoarse Dancing to the rhythm of her boisterous laugh In another room a voice in a native tongue Slightly subdued in her royal regalia Is the gatekeeper... Continue Reading →

Delusions of Dirty Macking

  The beauty with being a first born is that you get to be a self appointed virtuous pioneer, with the entitlement to match, much like the white colonisers' Christopher Columbus. You get to pin most of life's learnings from your experiences moreso the grave mistakes. There aren't any older siblings to banter with and... Continue Reading →

Dancing Shadows

Butterflies settle in my tummy at war with the needles in my gut the goosebumpy effect on my pimply skin the breathlessness that lodges in my throat dancing shadows lounge about stealing the light especially so on such a golden day when the sun is breathing fire while I lay in a disturbed tranquility slivers... Continue Reading →

The First Time..Part 2

The rain was heavy, bucketing down in torrents. It felt like the rain was battering at her specifically, ensuring she would hit rock bottom. Mostly because she was standing in the ponderous downpour so still, drenching in her consequences, hoping it would wash away her pain and anguish. She couldn't get any lower if she... Continue Reading →


Love me, so soft as the sun's golden rays in pent hues filled with promise mercy will you have me tender as a feather love me, so hard mercy me not when i call out to God spent, in harsh whispers and cut breaths fierce as the black night

Quiet Decease

In the deep recess within the trees a fallen meteor lies amongst dead quiet a deep crest formed in the middle of the green of the trees now an ugly brown only the howl of a rabid dog penetrates the deafening silence that tells not tales of how it got here in its stead ascertaining... Continue Reading →

The Purge

You remember how 2020, the mirror year, was supposed to be THE year. The synchronicity of the year's digits was supposed to somehow mirror harmony and prosperity in our lives. We all professed and proclaimed that the beginning of a new decade was going to see us prosper beyond our imagination. Turns out that while... Continue Reading →

I let in a bird

I let in a bird From the bushes it breezed with ease Gently curling in my hand Whistling a fairytale tune With its glory silver lined feathers Putting on such the spectacle I gushed at the little birdie Coyly flapped open its hidden feathers My smile its invitation To proudly change the tune of its... Continue Reading →

The First Time.. Part 1

The thing about first times, virginal experiences as the girls would say is that even if they aren't what you had romanticised nor expected, they stay with you and make for one of those memorable life episodes. You know, like the first time you peed on yourself. Let's not be pretentious with the snickers and... Continue Reading →

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