Solange When I get Home Album Review

February 2019 went down rough as far as Black History month is concerned with certain somebodies acting a fool the entire time (naming them is giving the power). Leave it to Solange Luther King Knowles to swoop in and be captain save-a-people


When I Get Home nicely bridges the gap between Black History Month and the start of Women’s History Month – call it divine providence or just really good marketing. This is Solange’s 4th studio album, a befitting sequel to her acclaimed A Seat At The Table that gifted us with gems like Don’t Touch my Hair, Cranes in the Sky and F.U.B.U

If you are familiar with the younger Knowles’ discography, you know she will never just put out run off-the-mill microwave-generated music. She is not for everybody and therein lies its beauty (and perhaps undoing). Her pen remains spectacular but its the eclectic (and almost jazzy?) sounds that carry the project

The 19 track project features guest appearances and production by Playboi Carti, Gucci Mane, Cassie, The-Dream, Dev Hynes, Metro Boomin, Panda Bear, Scarface, Raphael Saadiq, Devin the Dude, Tyler, the Creator, and more.

Set against a simplistic melody, the stripped down intro Things I imagined sets the tone of the project. Very repetitively so. Almost annoyingly so.

Her interludes are much welcome; perfect and short like a poem snippet. The drums and strings, a recurring theme, in the 3rd number Down With The Clique punctuated with Sol’s vocals have a mellowing effect.

Way to the Show delivers a very thirsty Solange oozing lust, still with a certain modicum of grace; when the thing bang umma ball//drop it down low to the floor/take all your calls, when the thing bang umma ball. Way to go Solo

Themes of black excellence and women empowerment are peppered all over the album, especially in Almeda where Sol is unapologetically black and Carti’s adlibs are the cherries on top.

The album has an amazing atmosphere, which it never loses, not even with the interludes and the repetitive lyrics. Dear Lord, whats with the repetitive lyrics?!

When I Get Home is an acquired taste. Don’t feel left out when the Twitter woke assembly get up in arms, that’s what they do. It took several visits to complete this review, and I grew to appreciate it a little more each time. It takes a minute to peel away at this album’s layers.

Solange doesn’t snatch edges, she makes hair grow out healthy and strong. Viva la Sol!

Notable Favorites; Way to the Show, Stay with The Flo, Almeda

Overall rating; 7/10 – *this might change upon further listening

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