Testy Testosterone

my uterus is my private property

my womb is not a bomb to be launched and detonated at will among you ignorant folk

folk wound so tight

with selective religion that pick and choose

when to dust off their holy scriptures

branding me ho and loose

these self-assigned gatekeepers of the moral highgrounds

cussing me out in ‘biblical’ lingo

in lieu of retreating to their misogynistic caveman B.C ways

shoving up their clubs and hiding behind moral ambiguities

when issues of my body arise

and I loudly and unapologetically embody pro choice

folk become so nasty and testy

because how dare a woman have the right to choose

pages of holy books are plucked and shoved my way

at the audacity of this city girl

to do with her body as she wills

yet where is all this religious hullabaloo when cases of sodomy among priests recur

rape in schools treated so cavalier

they recoil to their sanctified lairs

praying while preying, waiting for the opportune time

saving their hogwash

to lay hands and rebuke, cast away the demons that surely must have taken abode my body

forbid and allow me;

they cant take it that I will not ask for permission

they cannot stand it that i stand for myself

in my discernment and truth

my fierce independent streak by design and default

that lights a thousand fireworks

coz even when I peep the BS and I am laying low

I sit stellar stay high and still rise






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