TI Dime trap Album Review

It is very refreshing to hear rap age so fine. It’s a feat that we haven’t witnessed as much in past generations. There is a faction of rappers that seem to have mustered still creating top-tier rap even after years of existing in the genre without sounding like they are stuck in a time vault at the cost of proving their relevancy. TI is in that growing class along with Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross.

TI, arguably the originator or Trap Music, released his 10th studio album Dime trap seeking to silence all his critics at his loud absence from the scene. The album comprises 15 tracks with features from Meek Mill, Teyana Taylor,Young Thug, Anderson .Paak, Jeezy, Sam Hook, Yo Gotti and London Jae

The project starts off with a mellow Seasons right before launching into a boisterous Laugh At ‘Em where the Rubberband Man continues his intro showing off his agile bars against a dramatic and meticulous production.

Big Ol Drip injects some soulful dimension into the project courtesy of Duck. The track has a distinct old school sound, a theme that can be felt in the wholesome project. TI tags in Yo Gotti in the banger that’s Wraith .

The smooth Clifford Harris makes an appearance in his collaboration with Young Thug The Weekend. The electric guitar, piano and riffs are pretty nice. Young Thug handles the hook adding his usual quirky melodic approach: It’s going down every weekend/Malibu, top gone, everything for the weekend/Summertime bathing suit, jump in the pool for the weekend/I can make any bitch leave her man, just for the weekend//I can make any b***h leave her man, just for the weekend…”

Dime trap is anything but one dimensional. It sees the rapper get introspective beating himself up about his stormy marriage in The Amazing Mr Fuckup. In the same breadth we get the swaggerific nature that we know his ego has become synonymous for. Clifford Harris’ ego is a monument, which he’s fashioned into something of an institution in hip hop. Moreso in Jefe, a latin trap inspired record that’s the album’s peak.  Like Meek Mill who delivers timely bars (there’s something to be said of rappers whose rap gets elevated after being incarcerated), TI is fired-up, rapping with agility, southern accent and all, and flexing like a boss.

The album is basically a TED Talk for hustlers. Dime Trap is very much alive, and having entered his elder statesmen phase with, frankly, astounding grace, T.I. looks to remain present for quite a while.

Notable Favorites; Jefe, The Weekend

Overall Rating; 7.9/10




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