Question everything

Is my fate already confined and sealed with a pretty pink bow

Predetermined and set in stone

Is freedom of choice a mere fallacy propagated to appease and pacify

Are my choices really even mine

Or it it all an elaborate ruse

A scenic mirage

An embodiment manipulated by the living universe

Playing tricks on my tiny speck self

How do my choices affect my destiny

Would it turn out different if I made a deliBerate effort to pick a foreign path

That led me to a disparate destination

Would I still encounter and experience similar despairs or would I lose out on meeting my good judy Hope

Or would unbeknown conspirational powers of the cosmos force me back to my set path

Who’s really in the driver’s seat

I have some choice words for them

Am I bound to go through the motion and relive age old history

While I am steadfast in creating unique and new individualistic memories

Like a god-forsaken reincarnate

Just some of the complicated musings of a simple girl


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