Iggy Survive The Summer Review

2018 has seen female rap flourish. From City Girls’ Period, Kashdoll’s Brat Mail, Cupcake’s Euphoria, Cardi B’s Invasion of Privacy and Nicki Minaj’s Queen, the women are earning their stripes as formidable forces in rap.

Stripper music should be a genre and all proceeds credited to T-Pain the GOAT for making it mainstream (refer to Buy you a drink, I’m in love with a stripper, I’m sprung, Shawty, Bartender, 5 o’clock in the morning, Booty wurk, up down, etc). Iggy cashes in on this genre and I am not mad at it at all.

giphy (1)

Survive The Summer is the Australian rapper’s EP that serves as her re-introduction to hiphop after a four year long hiatus off. The EP has guest appearances from Tyga and Wiz Khalifa.

The bass and meticulous beats carry this six track project. Raunchy Iggy serves a lot of her earlier mixtape spice and some braggadocios swag that I believe is elemental in hip hop. In contrast to her last album The New Classic whose success was accredited to pop, she caters fully to hiphop (which is a big win in my book).

Survive The Summer the project is dark, bouncy and risque as evidenced by Kream, her collaboration with Tyga whose video is an ode to strippers. This is grown woman music with some replay value.

Notable favorites; Survive The Summer, Kream, OMG

Overall Rating; 7/10

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