Something’s In The Water

Today the lunar eclipse and the mercury retrograde slam

and a collision of mass proportions

will cause blood to moon about

absurdities are normalized

like those meant to protect and serve

deceive and cave into cocoons

woven on the backs of the destitute

absurdities like governors calling on rivers to reverse their course

so that land grabbers can get their golf course

absurdities like a failed male presidential candidate and his male counterparts

heading a forum supposed to empower women in governance

offering advice and solutions while claiming a woman is her worst enemy

because the answer to what a woman would do lies with the man

yet who bares the fault

is it the entitled man at the podium mic in hand

or the women kept always at an arm’s length, that tolerate to a fault

mother did say there are locked doors in all women

I guess she meant to say matriarchy is the desired design

but patriarchy by hooking their grimy claws

will crook and sign you out at the door

that’s when I knew you gotta pay the extra cost

play the game, wave and smile

just to play the boss, crush them and burn



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