The Girlfriends Series

Good friendship is one that always brings out the best in you

In the same way that iron sharpens iron, good company lights a warm fire

Introduces an infectious and spirited energy among good girlfriends,

Not the persons you have known for the longest time but unpretentious ones who have stuck by you

With no competition nor gimmicks

The only existing rivalry being with the devil and all creatures of the Hades

No fantasy

See, there have been futile attempts as per the patriarchy

A lie propagated to cast aspersions

and shadows of apprehension,

that a woman is her greatest enemy, ‘adui ya mwanamke ni mwanamke’

Hogwash that she simply couldn’t enjoy and reminisce over times passed with her girls,

sit and giggle over lovers past

luxuriate in a bond so strong, a sisterhood that nourishes the soul, mind and bank account

All the while snapping pictures and capturing times worth remembering,

Special moments that tell stories of aspirations and ambitions,

Stories telling of tragically comedic embarrassing moments that earn titters and chuckles, without reveling and rubbing in your fall

Not forgetting the tall tales of mistakes, losses and heartaches

Because a friend who understands your tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know your smile

A sisterhood will offer shoulders to lean on

bend over backwards to wipe the tears from your eyes

and give an arm and a leg to kick some ass for you

A clique that will sit with you in the seemingly perpetual darkness and light a candle

hold an umbrella in your stormy affliction

Making time to celebrate small wins in affection

Hype and gas you up just because, like;

I see you cooking that steak! Go ahead chef Ramsey

Yet it’s just another regular Friday but the bad-assery stays on ready

toasting and clinking champagne glasses,

because who works that hard to stay the same?

The sound of laughter thickens and drowns out the racket





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