Teyana Taylor K.T.S.E Review

Most would say that they were put on to Teyana Taylor following her steamy dance routine on Kanye’s Fade Video. Which is such a shame because baby girl’s been around. Her solid debut album VII, somewhat 5 years ago, catapulted her into the R&B charts.

KTSE (Keep That Same Energy) finally shines the light on her and not just as the supporting cast. The 8-track project fell last in the litany of Kanye West’s five-album package that he put together in Wyoming. Unfortunately guys were seemingly wrapping up and eager to be done with work by the feels of the LP. Also, Teyana had then proceeded to promise an ‘updated’ version of the album was in the works and that too went awry so we have to settle with the original KTSE as was released on June 23rd 2018.

Straight off the intro, No Manners, and you can clearly tell Kanye’s MO with the keys and soulful moaning. The track is catchy with a repetitive hook which seems to be a recurrent theme throughout the entire project. Do not be fooled by the nursery rhymes and imagine its all sunshine and rainbows though.

Between WTP (Werk this Pu**y) and Hurry, Teyana’s nasty and loud moaning, I am reminded of the sex skits that were notorious in a 90’s rap album (hey Lil Kim & Biggie). Those need to come back by the way.


Through sampling soulful R&B spanning the last five decades, showcasing her underratedly wholesome, buttery, Alicia Keys-like vocals, and always maintaining a not-so-subtle hint of Ginuwine and D’Angelo-inspired sensual grooves, Teyana fronts her artistry and her vocals.

Conclusively, I feel the project was cool, but it certainly missed a slight mark to become great. It definitely could have been better, judging by the snippets that she shared via Instagram that didn’t even make the cut to the final draft. She should have kept that same IG energy on her album. Talk about workplace sabotage. This Kanye collaboration  should not happen again. SMH

Notable favorites; Issues, Rose In Harlem

Overall Rating; 6/10

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