Ride And Die

I hate the ideology behind ride or die,

because it means while I’m riding hard you will let me die?

Or are we dying together? Will you take your life to follow me into the afterlife?

Like I am just supposed to be so sprung

Such a martyr and never tire

Sing you praises while I’m being nailed on the cross

When I am here by design

It’s all just default setups for you

I keep patiently wait for you to get it together

Steady rooting for you

On the sidelines

And hope you realize my infinite worth

Serve you all my finesse while I am pressed on the bench

Playing substitute as you run around in the field

Even as I scroll through some dumb sh*t on your smart phone

Hell no, I am no pawn

dickmatization be damned

Go ahead and pose, keep playing yourself

Your loss, I am a whole queen


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