Jessie J R.O.S.E Album Review

Jessie J released her album in a diabolically brilliant manner that’s not been done before. She broke down her entire album to snack-sized 4-track EPs, that she released over the span of 4 days; (Realisations) out May 22nd, (Obsessions) out May 23rd, ( Sex) out May 24th, (Empowerment) out May 25th.

The first segment, R. (Realisations), serves as Jessie’s awakening, for both her career and love life. Think About That was the first track I heard after her 4 year hiatus and had me gasping and anxiously waiting for the whole project. She is enraged and lashing out ‘All you disturb is my work and my patience’ ,and the simple instrumentation fronts her vocal prowess. The video with amazing production captured the captivating dark aura felt through her voice alone. Dopamine is a socially aware addictive track, hence the moniker, that is in character with her talks about addiction to the twitters and instagrams in the face of social evils while Easy On Me allows her vocals to float magnificently as she concludes the overally great first EP.

O. Obsessions the second part kicks off with Not My Ex and her songwriting abilities are showcased for the marvel they are. Petty, as the name suggests is sassy reminiscent of her 2010 hit Do It Like A Dude and the energetic bass brings it to life even as she stays offering a school of church reads. This desperately needs to be a single because the replay value is magnanimous. ‘Stay out my sun with your shady ass’ is about to be my caption for then rest of 2018. Four Letter Word is a wonderfully touching tribute to her future child. This EP reigns supreme.

S. Sex is her third installment. One would imagine that this fraction of the album might get a little bit salacious and/or sleazy. The actual case being far from it. Queen, the starter, is poignant with self love and women empowerment. The acoustic version steals the show with the songstress displaying quite the impressive range. One Night Lover is the shining gem here, where she is redeeming her queenly status by refusing to be just a booty call. The dark tonne of R&B with the piano instrumental and a trap-drum melody add to the track’s brilliance. She keeps things straight seductive whilst being honest that she expects more than just a one-night stand.

In the final EP E. Empowerment she does not come to play as she flexes what that throat can do. She is easily in my top 3 vocalists.  Her voice is like melted honey and butter. The powerful horns on Glory push the message of empowerment home, setting the stage for Somebody’s Lady, which smells like a vocal performance Grammy nomination to me.

Jessie J may be best known for her pop hits but she’s always dabbled in soul – and her incredible vocals are a perfect fit to convey that type of passion. She backs this up with harmonies and emotive lyrics, which is something that we miss in the realms of R&B.

This is by far her best work yet.

Notable favorites; damn near the entire album – Think About That, Dopamine, Easy On Me, Queen, One Night Lover, Dangerous, Play

Overall rating 9.2/10

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