Kwaye Is A Cool Kid

Kwaye, officially Kwayedza Kureya, is a Zimbabwean singer songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. He is an underground artist clawing for his spot in music. Serving anything but predictability, he offers a fresh new sound – something between a cross of Indie, soul and RnB.

Kwaye got his big break courtesy of an Uber driver when he grabbed the aux cord to play his music. The driver, who just happened to be a former A&R executive introduced him to a music label. And the rest is beautiful history where the 23 year old blipped into the charts with his stunning EP Solar. Think about that the next time you go out of your way to ignore your Uber driver.

His projects have seen his ultra-silky vocals paired with alternative RnB tracks. His groovy and infectious debut ‘Cool kids’ includes elements of 80’s pop music, RnB, soul and a theatrical flair that was even more-so realized in the video. The accompanying video was styled in brash colours offering an aesthetic and dazzling visual.

He proves that his talent is anything but luck with ‘Lost in my boots’. This chilled RnB tune has an infectious melody that showcases his impressive range and prowess. The husky timbre and extra low register just adds to the richness of his tone.

A multi-instrumentalist who plays viola, sax, and guitar, he displays a keen musical ear in the track ‘Jasmine’. His creativity and vibe is out of this world, and to hear him transition from a subtle peaceful tone to a deep emotional tone is pure art. You almost have to remind yourself that you aren’t listening to a group, thanks to his multifaceted harmonizing.

Drawing inspiration form Micheal Jackson, Fela Kuti to negro-spirituals and UK garage, Kwaye has proved he is an artist of the world. With his old soul, no box is big enough to confine him. His energy is ludicrously compelling and he is the best thing we didn’t even know we needed. He is definitely one to keep an eye on in the creative music space.


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