Monkey Factory

My grandma, bless her heart

on my graduation day told me in all her wisdom

umesoma kutosha, now go be a woman

you know what I mean ma

Never mind that I was a tax-paying 25 year old

but to her still a little girl, so I smiled and nodded

like a good girl.

Got me thinking though about all these manufacturing processes

all the wringing and drying in ‘factories’ that’s more mess than sense

that prequel to ‘successful’ womanhood;

Make sure to act like a lady

Do not let them see you sweat

Mind your manners

as much as you mind your business, of-course all while drinking plenty water

The constant remittance of counsel, direction and misdirection in equal measure

it never stops, you imagine adulting offers the freedom and independence

the emancipation to finally have some choice words

and stream a few imaginative expletives that would make a pirate grin like a Cheshire cat,

carefree enough to unashamedly not give a flying hoot or a rat’s behind and just be lit af

How utterly tiresome and unremarkably passive

having to pretend perfection, always strive to reaction

work hard but not too hard because that’s a tad too aggressive

or else however will you keep a man ma?

Heartache? Drink tons of water,

and then two weeks later,

why don’t you have a man ma?

Don’t you have aspirations girl?

Stand up and be counted

be seen but not so much heard

you know the drill ma

Don’t try to run off the mill ma

runners will be brought to their knees, reduced to nil and shunned away

Sure as the dust blows

so will the flag at half mast flow

on sight at the ‘factory’ churning out replicas honoring the ‘lost ones’

Don’t start none won’t be none

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