Fadhilee Kwetu Album Launch

Kenyan artiste, Fadhilee Itulya, launched his long anticipated album on 27th April at Nairobi’s Alliance Francaise embellished with pomp and colour. The artsy location was spaciously befitting for the mass that thronged in support.

There was no tardiness as the event hosted by Fadhilee Music, kicked off at a timely 7.30 pm. Security and management was quite exceptional and orderly. The set up at the entrance had beautiful pieces of merchandise, ranging from uniquely crafted T-shirts to mugs.

The stage was lit ablaze figuratively with an amazing line up, some of East Africa’s best live performers. Kenya’s own Serro blessed the crowd with her angelic vocals. Labdi Ommes and Tetu Shani, a tough act to follow honestly, sang their hearts out while keeping the people thoroughly entertained. Slim Emcee a poet from Uganda gave goosebumps with his rendition of the spoken word. Swahili Ally got the audience hyped and brought them to their feet with his electric performance.

A thoroughly skilled dancing acrobat finally welcomed the singer songwriter, Fadhilee on to the stage. Adorned in traditional attire, he commanded a presence unbeknown. Accompanied by some traditional percussive instruments, he proceeded to belt out singles off his 10 track album. ‘Flora’ had us clutching our pearls because the man can clearly sing a snake out of hiding. The song recorded in his Luhya dialect speaks of a love lost and the feeling was visibly captured onstage. He further sang ‘Kwetu’ and invited a Norwegian guest to perform ‘Mama’, a song dedicated to mothers.

Fadhilee, the guitar crooner, thrilled the crowd into the dead of night with his rich husky crooning voice and his daringly different sounds. His artistry saw him dare to incorporate nuggets from his local dialect and global conventional styles like EDM.

This man has defied the quite odds and refuses to be confined in a box. A humble man, a loving husband, a proud father and quite the talent. His star is not dimming anytime soon.

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