When Does Love End?

When does love end? This perverse brain fever

Is it at an instant, as quick as we fall in?

Is there a resounding thud

A seismic shift

That waves away the tittering butterflies

To crash and burn

Perhaps a blatant time bomb

Do you even notice or is it a lapse

Or is it only outsiders

who rush in to say how grave a mistake committed

Tsk Tsk, She should have known better

Everybody knew it would never work

And yet how could they say that

When they ate together

Birthed beautiful children

Together in one bed every Tuesday and Thursday

Like a visitation

She was always so gentle

Yeah, much like an antelope in headlights

Balancing. Austere. Lifeless.

On those nights that the stars would burn so extravagantly

Love was fading out of her

And the end of their story was just beginning


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