Eazy Call

Eric Bellinger is one of those ridiculously underrated artists who I believe doesn’t get as much clout as he is worth. Ridiculous because his song-writing skills have spanned through most of your faves catalogues. Case in point, he has written for Trey Songz, Nicki Minaj, Usher, Tank and countless others. He even has a Grammy under his belt courtesy of his lyrical prowess in Chris Brown’s F.A.M.E project.

Despite a practically non-existent chart history, the 32 year old has a plethora of EPs and self-released studio albums (The Rebirth, Eric B for President, Cuffing Season), under his belt with his golden voice, and that veteran skill is on full display in his latest long-player, Eazy Call.

The 15 track album is pure RnB crooning and boasts of features from equally RnB heavyweights Tink, Mila J, Mase, Dom Kennedy, Wale, Sammie and Neyo. In his words on his Instagram caption, he made songs for every occasion; dance to, smoke to, sing to and make love to.


Goat 2.0, his sequel to GOAT in his Eric B for President is the project’s winner. His collaboration with Wale is oh so smooth. The ever so gentleman, Bellinger drops some romantic bars “she the one, she the plug, she the one they call the God,” before letting his astounding vocals soar in the chorus. They sing praises to their special lady friends hailing them as black queens; Shawty bad, slim, thick, she my drug, she my fix/ And I’m all up in her mix, She be mixin’ with the wrist/She the plug, she finesse, She the one they call the GOAT. Is it still a wonder the women are swooning.

Eric goes on to recruit Mila J and Tink on Aint Ya Ex. There is a lot of slick talking injected with quite the seduction that results in the perfect blend. Both ladies did superb by adding their sass and sultry but Mila’s verse though had too much heat. I’m about my checks too (Hold up, Mila)/I’m a goddess so I can bless you (Bless you)/If you’re lucky, I might sex you/First, I gotta know, boy, what that head do? (Oh yeah)

Sidebar; Tory Lanez had earlier dropped a diss track against Bellinger called “Hate To Say.” The Californian used “Yikes”, which didn’t make it on the album, to let Tory Lanez and everybody else know that he believes Tory has bitten his style and he is not happy about it. On the diss track, Bellinger sings, “We live in a day and age where they don’t know what talent is/Yo’ only talent is mimicking anyone that’s talented/Released a couple singles to your fans, you was red hot/Surely had a change of heart the day after your album dropped/Stole a vibe from Trey Songz, took a flow from K-Dot/Kinda sound like Fetty Wap/Dammit, Tory, when will it stop?” Tory has yet to respond, but given his outspoken history, it’s unlikely that he’ll remain silent on the matter for much longer. You don’t care much? Who is Tory Lanez, you ask?


Back to the album anyway, there isn’t a bad song on there, unlike Tory Lanez’ Memories Dont Die, which died immediately after its release. I might skip one or two tracks but ultimately, this album is for sure making its way into my playlist. His hive, Bellringers, are growing by the dozens.

RnB is alive and kicking good people

Notable favorites; Role Play feat Scootie, Goat 2.0, Aint Ya Ex

Overall Rating; 7.8/10

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