Calm Before The Storm

Seven in the night

When the last of the light disappears into the horizon

Souls are at seeming ease, in perfect conspiracy

Quietly on the prowl for miles

Seeking for even the brevity of smiles

Hinted with the briefest of naivety

To complete the symphony

What else can be done? Maybe more?

Before the night darkness envelops

And the full moon brings out the owls and the howls

Just some of my juxtaposing musings

See I have been toyed with.

Embarrassed and humiliated.

How many times now?

Though I cannot well remember,

For my thoughts are rambled and scrambled in more ways

Than a hooker lays

Of what use is it to remember well anyway?

Another one bites the dust

Now the piper demands payment

Who will count tonight’s sighs?

Caressing my veins

Surging blood moves my pen

On paper moistened by bound blood, tears and cheap wine

Pondering what is the texture of desire, volume and pitch of love

Another one for the winding road

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