Feminist First

I am a feminist first

Excuse me sir, you heard me?

Yes, you mister with the litter of disdain you throw my way

At my hair kinky as it gets,

my face when that acne breaks,

my shirt, my pants

Armored in your spick and span, suit and tie

Betrayed only by the ensuing silence that follows the forbidden F bomb,

Expressed in darting eyes, Aaargh! She is one of those

So confusing because I wear masculine pants and work a “man’s job”

For all this woman I have going on

You will remember me as a feminist first

Abundantly blessed in my sensuality,

From the peaking mountains on my chest to my magnificent hip and dip

Still a feminist first

I get it from my mama

All of this good good

If I have my cake why not eat it too?

But first to make sure you never forget

I am a feminist first

While I am putting you on in the boardroom

Raising stakes and pitching for profits

With my treble and bass setting the business ablaze

You look dead in my eyes with a telling twinkle

Dreaming of putting it in, in the bedroom

How adventurously middle life male. to court a bit of trouble and a whole lot of ass

Your ego dictates it, we both know it

What you don’t know is that I too have my alter ego, the soul snatcher,

That refuses to be anything but selfishly loud and proud

I am my mother’s child after all, and she raised no basic wench

Shade is nothing without the burning sun, she said

I will remain a feminist first

Dripping melanin and magic..






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