Brat Mail

For the longest time, I couldn’t diferentiate Kash Doll from all the other dolls that exist (and they are a dozen. There’s almost as many dolls as there are Eddie Murphy’s kids). Then I heard For Everybody and I was like okay. She gave me something to work with.

Still it was her verse on So Good with Big Sean and Metro Boomin that I stayed waiting to cop a listen to her forthwith projects. She was hands down the best thing in that Double or Nothing collaboration. She ate on a Lil Kim level; But do you think you up for the task?
‘Cause this a big body Benz, please don’t crash//Love a nigga who ain’t scared to put his face in it//Pussy tight as long johns I’ma make that fit//

So now here I am obediently listening to her hiphop mixtape, Brat Mail, that dropped on March 14th, her birthday. The nine track project is digestible, peppered with features from Scrilla and Natasha Morsley.

The trim tracklist makes for a breezy 23-minute listen, but she covers a lot of ground in that short span, flexing her versatile songwriting skills and a polished, braggadocios flow that sets her in the upper echelon of today’s MCs.

I am about to be jamming so hard to Check; still pretty? check! Keep hoes in, check! Run up a, check! Get money, check! I wish Fastest Route was longer and featured Rick Ross. That beat sound like prime MMG 2012 flare. Kash floated on that shit.

Kash does not waste a bar or sound too stagnant yet she reeks of confidence, swag and that cocky hiphop grandiose which I think just makes her music that much harder. The standout in this respect is I Want featuring Scrilla, where Kash gloats about getting any whip I want, any bag I want. All the while injecting that antagonizing laugh without letting us know how many bars she took off.


There’s plenty of room on the Bratz bandwagon and Brat Mail is a strong starting point if you need an introduction, like moi, to the rapper who is only just beginning her rise to stardom.

Notable Favorites; I Want, Dividends, Check

Overall Rating – 7/10

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