Black Panther; The Album

Aye! If you have not gotten into the Black Panther Wave (yes, it’s a movement), there is still time to creep out of that rock you are clearly living under. Get into it.


As we continue to wait in baited breath to experience the one in a kind movie sensation in cinemas, the music will offer a perfect welcome to the Wakandan dimension. This is not just a soundtrack. This is by and large an expertly produced album with a clear cut cohesion among the prominent featured artists.

Listening to the 50 minute 14 track album, I am tempted to rank this as another Kendrick album. All other contributors, Travis Scott, SZA, Khalid, Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, The Weekend, Anderson Paak, 2 Chainz, Swae Lee, Vince Staples and James Blake all bring their individual swag and amazing witty wordplay to their projects. I blatantly left out Future (because what was that in King’s Dead? Do better Future!). However Kung Fu Kenny had me deliverdt! I’m just gonna go ahead and count this as his 5th studio album.


Lamar is what ties the beast of an album together. Swerving through genres and voices, Kendrick revolutionizes his sound and attitude yet again. Just another reason to appreciate the Black Panther Movement.

For the most part, Black Panther: The Album strays away from the mainstream formula of rapping about lean, percocet and xanax. There definitely aren’t your usual formulated club banging radio hits.


Black Panther: The Album isn’t here to educate, placate, or to be accessible. It is an unapologetic, triumphant celebration of black culture and the vast, dynamic histories of the vibrant BLACK  continent. It’s also a tightly produced, energetic, rousing ride — that just happens to be inspired by a comic book superhero. Thank you Marvel! Ardent music lovers and pure geeks alike can find much to love here.

Safe to say that Marvel is now invited to the barbecue cookout henceforth.

Viva Black Panther. See y’all in cinemas decked in all things ankara  and dashiki.


Notable Favorites;

Big Shot – Kendrick Lamar & Travis Scott

X – Schoolboy Q, 2 Chainz & Saudi

All The Stars – Kendrick Lamar, SZA

Bloody Waters – Ab-Soul, Anderson .Paak & James Blake

Paramedic – SOB & RBE


Overall Rating – 7.5/10

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