Man Of The Woods

I believe it’s safe to say that Justin is not bringing sexy back, seeing as he has retired to the woods.

When the former N-sync band member announced an album was in the works, my excitement catapulted and my spirit was ready to be filled with some of that classic JT magic. The 20/20 experience left me yearning and he finally decided to heed our prayer, 4 years later, and make his grand return.

Fast forward to me listening to the full album, 3 times just to be sure I got it, I am tempted to title it What Happened? The Album. He dibbles and dabbles in what sounds like numerous different experimental sounds that all culminate to a queer and almost depressing body of work. Between the trap beat Migos-sounding Supplies where he tries (and fails) to sound woke and the country sounding Hard Stuff compounded with average songwriting is almost cringe-worthy.

There were clearly too many cooks in the kitchen. He may be claiming to be a Man of the Woods but he’s definitely paying someone else to chop the logs, while he poses with an axe slung over his shoulder, wearing a flat cap and a flannel shirt. And speaking of Flannel


Man of the Woods is definitely Justin Timberlake’s worst album, but it’s not a bad album. Most of it is just okay. And Justin was bound to make an album that’s just okay eventually, I guess.

Songs worth listening; Living Off The Land, Sauce, Say Something

Overall Rating – 4/10

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