Culture 2

I am finally starting to get all the hype around the Atlanta trio that is Migos. Don’t get me wrong, I was jamming hard to Bad and Boujee (who wasn’t?) but I wasn’t really paying attention to much of their prior music. Versace would turn me all the way off. My greatest accomplishment has been being able to them apart. Then they dropped Culture exactly one year ago and we, the haters, had to eat crow while jamming to Slippery

Now all artists have to re-introduce themselves through their most recent projects. Even if the prior body of work was sworn by the bible legendary (sigh Eminem’s Revival). If the latest project falls short, it’s kumbaya mofos by the court of public opinion. With that said Quavo, Offset and Takeoff had a lot to prove following the humongous success of Culture 1.

Culture 2 boasts of a full 24-track playlist with prominent features from the likes of Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Gucci Mane, 21 Savage, Drake, Post Malone and Big Sean. Travis Scott had to make an appearance. It was only right following his and Quavo’s collaboration on Huncho Jack.

They tried their hand in experimenting with some variety of sounds like in Made Men where there were some jazzy feels. Stir Fry also saw some quirky experimental sounds engineered by Pharell. There was also some Latin American influenced pop evidenced in Narcos. While the sounds got funkier with their elaborate use of dark bass, eerie electronics and guitar organs overally delivering some trap anthems, the album starts to sound repetitive at some point. The number of songs tends to leave you winded. On the bright side, there is something to be said about Migos having enough vocabulary to produce 24 songs. Bloop


There are for sure about to be some definite bangers in this album that will be overplayed and hammered into our earwaves in 2018. Honestly, if this were a 12 track album,it would be the bomb diggity! It would already be among the best rap albums of 2018, in January. Oh well…

My notable favorites;

Walk It Like I talk It Ft Drake – Honestly, this joint gave me way too much hype. 2018 is about to give us some Nothing Was The Same Drake. If Scary Hours is anything to go by. Clearly, I was here for Drake’s verse Say that we been beefing, dog/But you on your own/First night, she gon’ let me fuck ’cause we grown

Made Men -This has an absolutely delicious jazzy tune to it. The slowed down rhythm makes it that you can actually hear what they all are saying. I would love to see an accompanying video with them cleaning up nice in some fancy suits, for a change.

Motorsport Ft Cardi B and Nicki Minaj – Their collaboration with the 2 hottest acts in HipHop right now, Cardi and Nicki (sorry Remy), was the gift that kept on giving. The futuristic single was laced with a lot of subliminal shade (marketing gimmicks) which ofcourse got the internet buzzing. The beat and (ladies’) rap was sickening.

Overall Rating – 6.4/10

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