Camila Cabello’s Camila is the first major album release of 2018, and it’s a pretty decent pop album, one that is fluent in pop’s newfound lingua franca of dancehall and reggaeton experiments and piano ballads.

About this time last year, the young pop star abandoned her group Fifth Harmony in lieu of going solo. Her departure seemed to open a can of worms and lay bare the mess amidst the group. There has clearly been tension and the lots of shade thrown is testament to this. Fifth Harmony’s 2017 MTV VMA performance lay credence to the not so subtle art of not giving a fuck.


It’s easy to get lost in the web of fan theories and speculative blog posts seeking to pinpoint the moment where Cuban-American singer decided 5H wasn’t her bag anymore. The matter of whether she jumped or was edged out is a “she said”/“they said” question still being litigated in the court of public opinion.



What’s clear after the release of her self-titled album is that performing at center stage was always the 20-year-old singer’s destiny. The 40 minute 10-track snack-sized album backs up her resume.

What stood out is the fact that there aren’t many  cut and dry uptempo ‘pop’ singles, which seems to always be the formula applied. While everyone and their mama definitely got down to Havana, it’s refreshing to hear her belt out some ballads. Her riffs in All These Years sound almost too amazing. I need to hear her sing that one live.

While her voice isn’t especially distinctive from the crowd, she maintains a pretty voice. She is clearly still learning how to control and explore new parts of her vocal range.

The body of work remains a good enough album for a solo debut album..

My notable favorites;

All These Years, She Loves Control, Havana, Inside Out, In The Dark

Overall Playlist; 5.5/10

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