Huncho Jack Jack Huncho

I will be the last to admit that new age rap is almost an acquired taste. (Please don’t quote me on that).


Moreso for the reason that we are existing in a microwave popcorn era (with more corny), where you have to grasp the attention of your audience in the first 15 seconds or you are cut. The rapidly sprouting mumble auto-tuned rappers are making sure the trend goes nowhere. So we might as well buckle up and enjoy the ride.

It is in that spirit that I start off listening to Travis Scott and Quavo’s joint project. And I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that I have played it a second and third time. Lawd help me, I am about to be milly wopping and skrrt-skrrt all day.



First off, interesting cover art. Good luck tryna figure out how to differentiate which toon character represents who. I am slowly starting to get the hype with the two now. Just in time too methinks.

What they might seem lacking in the some halfway decent repetitive lyrical content, they make up for with amazing production and some impressively catchy hooks.Their saving grace that makes them stand out, I believe, is how both of them can use their voices almost as instruments, delivering adlibs, echoes and reverbs. The body of work is very…trippy. Did someone say skrrrt..


My notable favorites;

Huncho Jack – This just offers a good time. The trap beat is sickening

Eye 2 Eye – While all the lean talk was a bit much, I was here for Takeoff’s verse in this piece. Niggas commit suicide when they don’t got mob ties/Flip it like it’s Five Guys/ I’m 2pac, get all eyes/Look at the bitch, she a dime/So many watches a nigga can’t run out of time. A bit corny but it will do. Takeoff does not get enough credit and I am here to testify…I think Takeoff has the best verse in Motorsport. (Quote me on that).

Will I still remember the album in 2020? Hmmm…

Full Track List;

1. “Modern Slavery”
2. “Black & Chinese”
3. “Eye 2 Eye” Feat. Takeoff
4. “Motorcycle Patches”
5. “Huncho Jack”
6. “Saint”
7. “Go”
8. “Dubai Shit” Feat. Offset
9. “Saint Laurent Mask”
10. “Moon Rock”
11. “How U Feel”
12. “Where U From”
13. “Best Man”


Overall Rating – 5.9/10

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