Bluebird of Happiness

The Braxton Family has blessed the RnB genre twice over with soulful vocals, with Toni living legend, at the helm. All the five sisters have proved their vocal capabilities. You only have to be an avid watcher of Braxton Family Values to appreciate how they randomly break out into song and sound so good without even trying.

Tamar’s larger than life personality is only partly the reason she has garnered such a loyal hive, Tamartians. Her fifth studio album, Bluebird of Happiness, helps cement her as a true diva as she delivers stellar vocal performances.


It took me more than a moment to finally cop a listen to her body of work following Calling All Lovers. Her leading songs didn’t resonate well with me. I felt like something was lacking. It’s taken months for Blind and My Man to grow on me. So glad they did. The album is a good snack-sized 40-minute compilation of 11 tracks, proving digestible.

She has gone on to declare the album as her final album, declaring early retirement. Huh?


This was a major part of the reason why it took me a minute to want to listen to the full album. Hopefully that was a marketing gimmick, a ploy to increase album sales. Some of the greats have pulled this stunt. This album doesn’t really break new ground artistically, but it is a worthy addition to an already strong catalog, and one that will make the Tamartians both happy and sad if what Tamar’s saying will indeed turn out to be true.

In the end, Bluebird Of Happiness is a modern classic that everybody should get to sample, because it deserves every second you dedicate to it. It’s greatly performed, graceful, has amazing production and contains some of the best ballads you’ll ever hear in our modern times. Ok, well, that was not that big of a compliment, considering the lack there of, especially in the mainstream. But still, this album will bring you all the happiness you need as a lover of good music in general.

Many are critical of Tamar’s antics, but you can’t deny that this girl is gifted vocally.

My notable favorites;

How I feel – this is a beautiful ballad and should have been a single, in my opinion. Got me in my feelings

Wanna Love You Boy – this song drips classic Tamar sass and feel-good vibe. This song should have an accompanying video surely?

Full Track List;

1. My Forever
2. Wanna Love You Boy
3. Run Run
4. Hol’ Up feat. Yo Gotti
5. The Makings of You
6. Heart in My Hands
7. Blind
8. My Man
9. Pick Me Up
10. How I Feel
11. Empty Boxes


Overall Rating – 6.7/10



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