Back To Life

Most of us know the gorgeous Letoya Luckett, now Mrs Walker, as one of the founding members of DC5. Before it all went to the dogs with the revamping and reshuffling of the children of destiny. This was almost expected of the musical groups in the 90’s/00’s. Case in point, En Vogue, 3LW, Az-yet…you get the drift.

Just when I thought she quit music in aspirations for her budding acting career, she goes on to drop pure gems after a decade long hiatus. Her third solo album project shines the spotlight back on her as she reminds us of her prowess. A Godsend for those of us nostalgic of the vibe and feel of the smooth rhythm and blues. The songstress delivers and vocally proves that her pipes can still blow the youngins out of the water. It’s like she never left.

The goldmine that is Back to Life boasts of 13 tracks, sweet and short, produced to the nines. You will definitely cop a couple of listens because it is just that good. Nobody’s about to be religiously listening to piss-poor 45 tracks. Take notes Chris Brown

Letoya wields her fairy wand and transforms each song into a gilded masterpiece, perfectly assembled with passionate lyrics and catchy rhythmic arrangements. This album compilation has resurrected her RnB idol image and she proves ready to go as far as her sultry vocals will take her.

As for the sounds of B2L, it makes it difficult to determine which of these amazing pieces solely stand out. They are all rewind and playback caliber of soundtracks.

In addition to the album, Luckett released three superb music videos as a mini series that are a product of her creative genius.

This was for sure one of 2017’s best RnB albums

My notable favorites were;

Back to life – this proved to be a befitting lead single which did not by any means disappoint. We were not ready for all that chocolate in the accompanying video. The visuals were so creatively raw and still put together. Proving further of just how utterly deserving she is of a seat at the table

Middle – this is more upbeat and radio friendly, reminiscent of a Rihanna sound. Her catchy chorus ‘Be in my head like ohhh/All in my head like ohhh/’ will have you grooving and bumping your head.

Disconnected – my absolute fave in the album. I am still so vexed there wasn’t a video for this! This will tug at your heartstrings when she belts out ‘Tell me is it someone else/If it is I’m used to being by myself/’. The melancholic lyrics and the stripped back piano ballad puts her powerful vocals at the forefront.

Full Track List;

  1. I’m Ready
  2. Back to Life
  3. Show Me
  4. Used To
  5. Middle
  6. Grey Feat Ludacris
  7. In The Name
  8. My Love
  9. Worlds Apart
  10. Weekend
  11. Higher
  12. Loving You
  13. Disconnected

Overall Rating – 7.5/10


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