The People I Used To Know

This is my first of album review series and kicking us off is K Michelle’s The People I Used To Know published via Atlantic Records.

The reality star songstress re-introduced herself a year after More Issues Than Vogue and earned her some more Rebels (her hive) with this body of work, so provocative and soulful albeit gimmicky. Released on December 8th, the album covered a generous 22 tracks with the songstress taking us through the whirlwind that is her now rockstar life. While the number of songs has been said to leave the millennials winded, I stand that it just further lays credence to her artistry and diversity.

The RnB reality star showcases different layers to her already humongous personality through these 62 minutes. All the while tackling societal issues and relationships.

Currently riding the wave as the number 2 slot on Billboard’s 200, her album continues to be a force in the RnB and HipHop charts. With influences from R Kelly, Chris Brown and Jeremih, the album is already earning international recognition.

My notable favorites are;

Kim K – Some have argued that this is the album’s centrepiece. Sampling Tupac’s I aint mad atcha was a befitting backdrop. As she brings forth the double standards with black issues and cultural appropriation that exist in today’s societies, deeming some trends as ‘ghetto’ only to be embraced by the Kardashians. Hence the provocateur Wish I could be black / so I can be a Kardashian.

Alert – Zero fucks were given. Mixtape bad-ass K Michelle makes an appearance in this, casually spitting savage bars. She shoots from the hip and does not miss. She authoritatively raps Be humble or be humbled / Your man’s a scrub, he fumble / Fuck them rappers who mumble / I make them rap-thinkin’ bitches tumble! / I am K-Dot, last name not Lamar. She knows that she is the general.

Crazy like you is a classic red wig K Michelle, reminiscent of Can’t raise a man. Relaying how toxic relationships and love can feel like when it’s not all roses. Lord forgive me / I’m so over men. A line most women can relate to.

God Love Sex and Drugs proved she is not one to be boxed in. James Brown references hook you at the Intro, readying you for the super funky piece with a very edgy sound. Controversial by the title alone, the singer sparked some more when she admitted to recording this post a session of downing sativa gummy edibles. No wonder.

Either Way is that club-popping hit that gets you on your feet. She goes on to deliver some bars backed by Chris Brown’s melodious sound. Already it has a remix with rappers Yo Gotti and O.T Genesis.


The full track listing is as below;

1. Welcome to the People I Used to Know
2. Alert
3. God, Love, Sex, and Drugs
4. Song Cry
5. Crazy Like You
6. Kim K
7. Takes Two feat. Jeremih
8. Rounds
9. The Bully Game Interlude
10. Either Way feat. Chris Brown
11. Birthday
12. F*ck Your Man
13. No Not You
14. Giving Up On Love
15. Help Me Grow Interlude
16. Heaven
17. Run Don’t Walk
18. Industry Suicide Interlude
19. Talk to God
20. Brain on Love
21. Woman of My Word
22. Princess Nokia Outro

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