To Be Young

There exists a thin line between being head-on courageous and just being plain dumb.
Unfortunately for me, I had to learn the difference the hard way. This epiphany came to me during a fun girls’ night no less.

The said night dictated that we look ravishing, what in our sequined mini and cocktail dresses. And le squad not disappoint, if the constant stares our way were anything to go by. That, regrettably, went straight to my head along with the fact that we’d been drinking, leading to my embarrassing detriment.

We spotted three dazzling young men who looked oh so dashing,(Henny did much to add to their seeming rugged looks). They had been standing in the parking lot besides a flashy sports car that we perceived had been theirs. All my friends wanted to go over and ‘say hi’ but none was brave enough to step up. Of course I, in all my young folly, felt that it was up to me to step in and save the night.

So there I was, Captain Save-A-Hoe, strutting magnificently(drunkenly) in my stilettos with my head held high, all the way to the debonair rogues with my friends cackling and egging me on (They had the sense to not accompany me in my quest). When I finally approached them, I greeted all three of them, all the while flashing my
heartiest smile. (This had always worked on prey and won me miles). They returned my very warm greetings albeit not as warm as anticipated. That should have served as my red flag.

I subconsciously noted the apparent coolness but even that did not deter me. In fact, it became a challenge that I felt I had to overcome, plus my friends were watching me ever so keenly so I had to deliver. Mama didn’t raise no punk. Clutching at conversational straws, I went ahead and complimented them on their looks. Looking the way I did, I obviously expected one compliment back at the very least. To no avail.

Truth be told, my feet were growing colder by the minute. At this point even the alcohol was fleeing my system. I gave myself a quick pep talk and rallied with the voices in my head to finally say something.

You guys wanna hang out with us? I all but blurted out louder than necessary

One of them started responding but it all became lost to me when in that instant three ladies emerged from the car on which they had been leaning.

Each of them took hold of the three guys and next thing I was aware of were six pairs of eyes right at me. It was a miracle I was still standing with the daggers they shot from their eyes. All I could manage was a husky “It was nice talking to you” and I sped off, practically running with my friends erupting in drunken laughter.

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