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The Standard Group, home of Pulse Magazine, organized a fabulous late-night event to honor the hard work of the local artists. I was excited to be in attendance and got to the experience all the lights, camera and action. The Pulse Music Video Awards saw a conglomeration of Kenyan artists, cinematographers, producers, video directors and all that jazz. Security and subsequent parking was spot on and tranquil. The star-studded ceremony was packed and ready by 7.30pm. The venue’s neat set-up was decked out in magnificent lighting and production did not miss a beat.

The red carpet did not disappoint. The fashionistas were in formation ready to slay. There was sophistication and drama in equal measure. Definitely not boring. I moreso enjoyed that there was a Who You Wearing segment with MC Jamal and designers were rightfully  credited. Stylists and designer houses were nicely represented. Only tiny thing I would hope was a smudge different. That more of the hosts/organizers ditched the ‘US imported’ wear on a night meant to appreciate our own.

The gorgeous stewardesses waiting on the drinks and food were lovely. Class acts and no extra sass. Serving pure professionalism on a platter. The MC’s of the night, Cheroo & Mike Makori, kicked off the night’s activities. Both looking dapper and in sync too. The choreographed dancers kicked off the show with enormous athletic energy. Tremendous job at keeping the audience alive.

The duo sensation, Amos and Josh kicked off the live show with their hit Moto Moto. They sounded so good. Singing and dancing without skipping a beat. Wyre was the next perfomer and he proved that he still reigns supreme by executing a soothing acoustic version of Chuki. Masterfully backed by a Yunasi member on the strings. I  wonder what happened to Otile Brown though. He was on the flyer, no?

interesting batman

Phenomenal Fena Gitu brought the audience on their feet with her severalbangers. The crowd sang along word for word. Must be nice. Showbiz would not be complete without stunt queens. As was the case in classic Willy Paul fashion who pulled his fare share. Taking home 2 awards. All the while hyping and leaving the crowd jeering for more. Less than 24 hours later, he remains a trending topic. He closed the show with his dance crew and brought the house down. You might be one of those and not care much for him. But there is no denying his loud presence.

I totally enjoyed and appreciated that there was no lip-syncing. Every artist was belting out their voices. Sounding amazing too. No one fully relied on the back tracks and that was a tad refreshing. Also worthy to note was that there was a bevy of well-mixed presenters and a couple of wardrobe changes during the show. One of the highlights  being anchor Betty Kyallo and Njugush getting jiggy with the creep walk. It was an all-out affair.

The big winners of the night were the underdogs, Kush Tracey scooping Female Video of The Year and Le Band who took home 2 awards; New Artist Of The Year and Best Group Video. The squad that is Fena Gitu, Mayonde, Blinky Bill, MDQ and Kagwe bagged Best Collaboration for their party anthem. Obviously.

After the party was the afterparty. Some more celebration with all roads leading to Galana’s Kiza Lounge. The partying and dancing continued all night long.

All in all, the night was rather enjoyable with equal parts decorum and mad fun. The Kenyan music scene can only get better and grander with time, finer like wine. Here’s to an awesome 2017 and a greater 2018

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