Stereo Love

Music may as well be soul-food. More deliciously put, the food of loving. Bedroom tunes that get your bodies humming. Assured orgasms for the ear lighting the pathway to your ultimate happy ending. Some cake for your cream.

This playlist is definite to get you in the mood for the oldest dance-grind in memory. Setting the stage, leaving you feeling sexier than Beyonce in her Partition video. Watch out though, this selection might make you throw caution to the wind and be like ‘Fuck it one baby won’t hurt’

Add a little explicit sparkle to your Holiday’s music selection with these;

  • D’Angelo – Untitled(How Does It Feel?) – If you do not know this song, you are not old enough to be indulging in these forbidden pleasures that I allude to. For real though. D’Angelo’s soulful vocals taken to account, coupled with the superbly magic lyrics, courtesy of his song-writing abilities. His exquisitely chiseled chocolate (wishfully) naked BAWDY in his video. Sumptuous musical climax.

lyric to remember; I’d love to make you wet.

  • H-Town – Knockin The Boots. This RnB group sampled the sound from Zapp’s Be Alright. Bigger and much better in my opinion. This song makes you wanna go at it with nothing else but boots on though. Caveman style

lyric to remember; Good loving, body rocking all night long

  • Adina Howard – Freak Like Me. She was the epitome of the lady in the streets and the freak in the sheets. This is for that unapologetic foxy vixen who is clear about what she wants in her bed. And demands it. Quite animalistic too.

lyric to remember; need a roughneck brother can satisfy me

  • R. Kelly – Bump N Grind. Rated R. Because he put the R in RnB, he had to feature in this list. Lots of steam and throbbing heat intertwines through his silky vocals in this piece. Making you feel wanton, seeing nothing wrong

lyric to remember; my mind is telling me no but my body is telling me yes

  • Usher – Nice N slow. It’s seven o’clock on the dot and Usher’s got your panties dropped on the damn floor. The accompanying soothing instruments, the sultry intro with a young shirtless Usher. Up-to and including his ridiculous eye patch in the video. Culminates to one long night. Just make sure aint no one there to interrupt, aint gotta rush

lyric to remember; I got plans to put my hands in places

  • Sauti Sol – Nishike. The boys went to the gym to see this to life. Oiled and Ripped, ready to croon the ladies out of their senses(and their panties). Get your lover to hold you in a grip as tight as the band’s abs.

lyric to remember; nimeshikwa na mahanjam

  • Sanaipei Tande – Mfalme Wa Mapenzi. Sampling  Ciara’s And I in the intro, the acoustic piece proceeds to stamp Sanaipei’s essence with her sultry Swahili spin. Delivering sensuous whispers and swoons in the midst. She got the women treating their lovers as kings and embracing their sexy. Plus her gorgeous self is in a bathtub? Sign us up

lyric to remember; akuna akaribiaye mbinu zake

  • Neyo – Lazy Love. when you know the sex is about to be so good you call in early to report you will be late. Beware not to fuck around and end up without a job though. Impeccable accompanying visuals; the thick of it all

lyric to remember; water glistening off her body looking at me like one more time

Other honorable mentions; Nameless – Sinzia, Juvenile – Slow Motion, Next – Too Close, Goapele – Play, Kelis – Milkshake, Barry White – Practice What You Preach, Tank – My Body, Chris Brown – Back to Sleep, Trey Songz – Anticipation 2 mixtape, Kelly Rowland – Motivation, Luke James – Make Love To Me and all things Marvin Gaye.

Your screaming, scratching and yelling will be the music’s ornamental punctuation; the proof in the pudding. Just be careful not to burn the roof down


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