Miss Fortune

Would you help me please?

Somebody, anybody

This big little secret, I locked in a freeze

Sealed it with a neat bow, away from prying and prowling eyes to see

Guarded behind high walls and higher watch-towers

Never to peep the light of day; not a move nor a phrase

But Alas today is no ordinary day

Help me Father!

I spy a climber, a tress-passer

With the stealth of a cat, cheesing like a Chesire

Creeping on the up, doomed revelation drawing

Heed my plea, anybody

Clucking chickens have come home to roost

Will nobody help me?

Anxious and unsettled, torn into a double dis-junction

Between preservation and freedom

The former exceeding the latter but only one transcending

Change is in the air

Help is not coming, I am all I got

Defeat is only bitter if swallowed

This cat might bring upon me some much-needed good fortune


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