A Hard Laugh

Long gone are the days when that funny uncle or mommy dearest could be called upon to graciously host an event. Professional hosting is a tidal movement. Millennials are taking over with this. Shit is serious. Consequently the new generation’s hostess with the mostest tagline in reference to a phenomenal host. And hell no, I will not count the mess that is the club hosts of Nairobi Diaries’ and equally standing Instagram socialites. No shade.

Not all comedians make the great masters of ceremony, but the greatest MC’s must have a funny bone. The rule that applies is to get them loose with some humor, and the looser their pockets become. Russell Simmon’s Def Comedy Jam helped create some of the most renowned MC’s the world over. Martin Lawrence, Dave Chapelle, Bernie Mac(R.I.P), Chris Tucker, Kevin Hart, to name a few. Chris Rock transitioned to hosting the Oscars. Steve Harvey has gone on to host Miss World pageants with a couple of shows under his belt. Trevor Noah upgraded from stand-up sets in South Africa to hosting The Daily Show in New York. You get the drift. None of these cited examples, by any standard spell ‘selling out’. Get it how you get it. Get it?

Most of our comedians have also made the transition. Some funny-bones. Others not so much. Summarized with Meh and Blah moments. I wonder, is there a brief presented to the host and a rehearsal prep before the D-day? Or do they just go off-book and let loose their ‘creative’ selves?  It is plain distasteful to go on a full-blown rant about politics at a wedding reception. Damn near inciting the audience. In this scenario, the first landed joke was somewhat funny. On account of, it was supposed to be a one-off. To show and prove that we are intellectual enough to be woke.

Yet to my utter disbelief, there was no stopping this bulldozer. I was surprised no one cut off his feed because that would be my go-to. Take a hint bruh. Half an hour later, he has gone on to describe 3 election periods, all the way upto to 2007. Nicca what?! Etiquette be darned at this point. Punctuating this with some horrifyingly cheap impersonations. Help me, does comedy automatically translate to already overused impressions every fucking time? Lord help me not to roll my eyes to the back of my head.


Of course there are rib-cracking professional comedian MC’s in our land. Worthy of standing ovations amidst thundering applause. I just haven’t seen them yet. Bloop!






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