Face The Music

While counting my blessings on a good Sunday as this, music stands tall. Pleasant sounds of feelings, that would strike fire from the heart of man and bring tears from the eyes of woman. My Kenyan RnB and soul song-stars specifically, with love songs that will outlive all sermons in memory. Shame on those who pay no regard nor homage for our music of the land. Professedly claiming to be lovers of art and soul. Those flag-waving unpolished sophistication, but promoting questionable one-hit wonders rooting from Kwaito and Naija. All the while giving their unbidden 2 cents and accosting ‘I don’t listen to local music, sooo uninteresting and unvaried’


Granted some(most) of our musicians leave a lot to be desired and hence produce less than par, just for the sake. So many are these stars of the abyss, they spring up like weed. In the same breadth, let’s give the devil his due. It is not all grim and shadows.

Sauti Sol has not relented in making tasteful music. Take it back to their 2009 debut album; Mwanzo. An instant sensation. Soulful with actual singing voices. I remember always trying to belt out Blue Uniform and Mama Papa featuring another talented singer, Dela. The sweet sounding harmonious blend of 4 went on to evolve through their preceding studio albums into the sexy confident soul stars that we now enjoy while bumping to Melanin. Their most recent feather to their ever growing cap. Their expression of art and visuals has however been subject to uncalled for scrutiny overtime. Total hogwash if you ask me. Nishike was just Probably For Lovers.

Segue to Just A Band, another group that should be gloried and celebrated.


Why they never got as much airplay is beyond me. They belted out such feel good music; Usinibore, If i could. If anything Ha-He should be hailed for giving us our very own Superman rendition; Makmende, such a banger to date. Huff and Puff was equally a masterpiece, so much so that it scored a feature in the internationally acclaimed Sense8 series. Yet we still choose to remain so out of touch with our reality of such ingenious music.

A seat at the table has to be awarded to The Villagers Band. Hats off to Chris Adwar and the band. Their signature acoustic afro-fusion sound is one for the books. The jazzy and easy feel of their music demands a repeat listen. Go ahead and sample Kenchic and Be Your Fool and I guarantee their self-titled album will become part of your playlist

Le Band is hopefully the next big band that will call the tune and go on to put Kenya’s music on the map. Their command of musical cords and harmony is simply magnificent to say the least. Numba 1 is testimony to this. Suzziah brought that sultry magic to this hit. Her penning skills were scorching in this piece.

Due diligence starts with us the consumers, not the DJ’s, not MCSK nor the airwaves. Kenya does have some great music. Show support to the artists and buy their music. Pay the piper and call the tune when they fail to deliver. No more waiting for accreditation from foreigners to start appreciating our own. Buy Kenya Build Kenya


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