Talk A Good Game

Electra, She is unapologetically lit

A fine sight even while fighting tooth and nail for her perceived freedom

She feels she is not on the right side of justice

Yet if she wants to be a free woman she must obey the masters

You will find none more scrupulous than herself

Especially when prowling the deathly alleys in the dark of night

Running thoughts bombard her as she lights up the pavement strutting,

Her life has recoiled to filth

Obliged to share herself with blood-stained men

all for but a gold coin

And in her sought for justice and revenge

Anger is breathing out of her

yet she seems not to care about right or wrong

She knows if it were a rule to answer killing with killing, she would be the first to die

In all justice.

Her death has begun

just leave her be with her evil litany

Death itself is not the worst thing,

worse is to live when you want to die

Battling ‘masters that must be obeyed’

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