Hands Of Time

If you could turn back the hands of time..

Halt the chime and undo the crime

Earlier to completing a 14-day diet in 14 minutes.

Back to the turn-up shenanigans that landed you in cuffed in jail,

Way back when you french-kissed your play cousin and low-key liked it.

Adjust the time to evade living through that fatal accident that rendered you spineless

And friends and family disappointed and left you hopeless.

Re-do the conception of a troubled fighting fetus

Made up from a blurry night of unwarranted group coitus

What do you know about consensual sex?

John and Dick would care to document that shit.

Back when times were seemingly simpler,

Before time when you naively drew the sun at the corner of the paper

Hail it from the mountains,

If only

Maybe you would not be as messed up? You would have your shit together?

Would be worth a damn

If you keep going over the past

you will end up with a thousand pasts and no future

Pay the past dust

It ain’t over till it’s over



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