Renegade Menace

Beef is always in season. Twitter fingers and typo thugs maintain on testing the faith and mercy. Online and offline. The madness is hyped. The voices in my head convene and get to chirping and screeching away. Got me thinking about choking somebody. But I don’t wanna go to jail. Again. So I have to calm down that crazy twitch.


Following this, my battle rapper alter-ego was born to help deal with the bullshit. While avoiding doing time at the same time. I get to cuss out the shit-talking lip-smacking bullies and maybe throw in a bitch slap. Or three. Part of the reason I relish and slobber so much over hip hop beef.

One of the greatest ongoing beefs was the Nas and Jay Z feud. These two rap titans went at each other’s throats, taking no hostages. Battling it out for New York Supremacy. They started off with subliminal jabs that only got more lethal with personal digs. Their crews got involved in the mix(every great feud has some backup). Thankfully this battle did not end in a tragedy like Tupac and B.I.G

2017 has seen entertainers coming out of the woodwork to seek relevance back again. This has seen the onset of some beef between rapper turned preacher Mase and Dipset’s Cam’ron, talking about fu*king sisters. Who are these, you ask. I rest my case on that front.


Few of this supposed feuds have clear-cut winners though. Ja Rule lost to both 50 Cent and Eminem in this regard. 50 dug his grave and Em covered the dirt on him. Lyricism was murdah, pun intended. We have not heard from him since. Remy Ma won hands down with her Ether rendition. 7 minutes of hardcore rap. Nicki’s bubble gum rap stood no chance.

Rap beefs have not been specific to male on male hiphop. Slim Shady transcended those boundaries by clapping back to Mariah Carey’s RnB Obsession with The Warning. So lethal was this, using her voice notes in his diss and totally disregarding her then husband. The disrespect of it all.

I am waiting on a battle rap between Octopizzo and Khaligraph. Somebody please set this up. Do it for the culture…

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