I Slay

I enjoyed watching a recent interview with Brenda Wairimu and the girls over at Ebru TV’s Let’s Talk. The guest eloquently captured what so many women are suffering through in silence. Single-hood in your thirties does not in whatever manner, translate to failure. Unfortunately, women are knowingly(or not) sometimes our own worst enemy in this regard. There is not enough talk on this.

To be clear, I am not single. For now. I have been blessed to have a wonderful and tantalizing man. He realizes my goals and ambitions, and supports me in more ways than I could have never imagined possible. Most importantly, he is not threatened by my successes nor failures.

With that said, I have women that I look up to that assist me on my realization to self-actualization. First off being my mother. Queen and slayer of all dragons. All the while making it look easy; like a snap of the finger, like she woke up like this. I hope to be only half the woman she is. Holding her family of five down while having a career and chasing a phD certification at the same damn time. Superwoman does not get get any better than this.

Notable also is the controversial media personality; Caroline Mutoko. Her independence and complete disregard for y’all’s apparent ‘common sense’ strikes out. She says what she means and means what she says. You only have to have experienced her radio heydays or tuned in to her Youtube vlog to be picking up what am throwing down.

Last and definitely not least is a former colleague in my previous workplace. She is truly a gem; dedicated wholly to her work while still carving out time to be present when it truly mattered. Young enough to relate but an old soul to dish out wisdom. And in the end earning her respect and position, whether or not you like her.

Conclusively, my mistakes have been my greatest mentors. I hate to see young girls looking up to today’s socialites whose highest accomplishment was giving up the nectar for some racks. Without proper mentorship, it becomes easy to succumb to folly, self-centredness and arrogance. Even Alexander the Great valued learning so highly, that he used to say he was more indebted to Aristotle for giving him knowledge than to his father Philip for life. Ponder on that.





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