No Ham No Pam

A man can cheat on his woman and still love her but a woman cannot cheat on her man and still love him. Claimed all the typical cheating men. Overnight, these special beings turn into Bible thumping professors of psychology that start quoting scriptures ranging from Islam and Buddhists alike. Never mind that the longest relationship they have been in is 2 weekends long and still living with their moms.


The acclaimed go-to in these scenarios is always that women tend to be more hormonal hence attaching emotions to everything. Granted, there may be some biology backing that. What with all the estrogen and bleeding out every other month. But let’s not get it twisted; cheating is conceived before birthing, as in most rational cases. It takes motive, time and planning. Even the ‘oops’ moments post a night of irresponsible drinking have been thought through at the very least three times before the actual deed. There is no accidental moonwalking to some coochie.

Usually the sparkle starts to dim and fade out. Signs are emitted but this is moreso met with ignorance and/or arrogance. Therego lack of attention that is very pertinent in any budding relationship.

But I dare affirm that no woman could match a man’s emotional fit and rage that is embodied the minute another man starts to appreciate the diamond in his rough. Just the inkling that there might be another drawing boundaries in his perceived territory and dipping in that cookie jar will land either one in jail or worse, in a box. Testosterone fireworks. Yet women are the sentimental ones whose judgement can’t be trusted. Okay..

According to this warped sense, cheating is not enough grounds for separation/divorce for a woman. These holier than thou Good Samaritans advocate that only physical abuse amounts to this. Surely, no man should put his hands on a woman! Strictly applies to women though!. Men will apparently cheat and still love and respect their wives. Guess this is why men quiver in their boots at the thought of wives getting together with their girlfriends because of this so-called respect.


Time for women to invoke Miss Erykah Badu ‘I’m getting tired of your shit’. Wish a nicca would…



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