Pink Problems

Being the lover of all things pop culture and good music that I am, I stay with one ear to the streets regarding trending topics mostly concerning the same. My guilty pleasure hailing from The Daily Mail, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan to TMZ, Wendy Williams and the Shaderoom.

With that mentioned, Nicki Minaj came out and did quite the risque cover on Paper Magazine.


Controversial heat right? She went further to declare the only artist she would consider doing a Watch The Throne type of collaboration with would be Beyonce. Granted the Jay & Kanye joint album enjoyed massive successes with a world tour and Grammy awards under their belt. Keep in mind we are referring to 2017 Lemonade Beyonce, not 2006 B’Day Beyonce. Okay girl


I used to stan so hard for Miss Onika Maraj. During the Pink Friday Versus Black Friday era, going head to head with the iconic Lil Kim, I stayed rooting for her religiously. Her collaboration with Eminem on Roman’s Revenge was the last nail on that casket. There was no coming back from ‘Yeah I said it, has-been, hang it up flatscreen’ ‘Should’ve sent a thank you note you lil hoe’


Post that she went on to rule the airwaves. Somewhat diluted though. With more pop than hiphop if you ask me. She still took time out to shade some of her colleagues in the industry. Sigh..


Conveniently, we found out she wasn’t really gay and her then boyfriend doubled up as her ghostwriter. Things started going downhill for her legitimacy as the reigning queen of rap. The greatest whole 7 minute diss track of 2017 was dropped countering her validity, courtesy of Remy Ma. She proceeded to respond 1 month later with a collaborated diss track no less! How sway? Rap battles are a one-on-one affair. Laws of the land.


As the self-proclaimed queen of hiphop, I would imagine that she would want to do a joint album with a hiphop icon. Now I get that Flawless and Feeling myself are still ruling the airwaves. Yonce always has the golden touch. Moreover she still has beef with most female hip hoppers. But the names of Queen Latifah, Eve, Missy Elliott, Young M.A could not be deemed worthy? Hell, give Foxy Brown a comeback.

Nicki has a lot of salvaging to do. I am eagerly awaiting her 4th studio album to blow this out of the water and redeem herself. Because 2017 has not been her height. Between being bodied by Love and Hip Hop girls twice and rhyming china with chyna all of 10 times in one verse, she has a lot of proving to do. No more Pink shit or about bitches being her sons neither. No pop singing please! Meanwhile these rap girls will not let her breathe as Lil Kim, Remy Ma and Cardi B are readying their albums. Only time will tell who will be crowned hiphop’s queen. Nicki still has it in there somewhere though…

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