Picture Perfect

The world around seems to have gotten a tad too sensitive. So quick to yell racism, sexism, nepotism and favoritism. More often than not, proving a crying wolf. Way back when, bullying was part and parcel of attending public school. Roast sessions were damn near part of the curriculum. I remember a girl walking up to me, in Standard 7 mark you, all but yelling for all and sundry, “Your breasts are too big. You need to be wearing XXL bras!” The gag is I joined in the round of laughter that preceded. I spent the remainder of the day gathering my jaw from the floor. Recently in the US, a kid got called out by his schoolmates and he retaliated by fetching a rifle and shooting them down. What the hell?


Relationships are complicated enough to maintain without having to keep self-censoring. Too much energy steady worrying about who is going to get in their feelings courtesy of your sometimes slick tongue. Even when you are inebriated! Apparently drunk men tell no tales. Draining to say the least.

In the wake of Snapchat and Instagram, sharing pictures of good times with your loved one is quite debatable. Necessarily so. If you choose to not post your bae and you stay posting everything else, do we take that to mean that you are ashamed/in hiding? Perhaps that your little secret is not really yours. Catch that tea. Flip that coin, maybe you are just trying to keep the happiness to yourself. Keep it long-term because once you let outside forces in, the anchor to your ship has to be lodged strong. Best believe there are wolves hunting out here and they smell blood a mile away.

Or you have a different loved one every fortnight. Ok maybe not a loved one; special friends with benefits is a more appropriate term methinks. Some tasty slides on the side. There is definitely a connection. Just not connecting long enough to meet my mama. Do you share this too with the world? At the risk of being deemed loose of course. Especially for a woman!


But what happens when y’all break up and move on to other significant others? Proceed to delete all the evidence? Highly selective deleting of photos? Or you crop them out altogether? Granted there is but a drop of saltiness in the latter. But where is the law laid down on what is appropriate?

Live and let live. Your pictures are your account of living. Some brilliant and not so fabulous memories never to be experienced again. Let the pictures be. They have already been screenshot and shared in various forums anyway. Relish in all those imperfections. You don’t need anybody else to complete the picture. That part


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