The Difficult Label

Only if you are stuck in time will you not realize the power that a woman yields. More women are making things happen, proving dependable and hard workers. The entertainment industry, medical and pharmaceutical circles, lawyers, banks, ad agencies. The list goes on. Almost guaranteed, there are more women holding the corner offices and taking home an even fatter paycheque. I have been in interviews that openly prefer women workers as opposed to men. This is usually backed by a variety of reasons. Crucial of them being that women hardly show up to work in a stupor and deadlines are most often met. All this while looking and smelling good too. Who wouldn’t want to go to work to that on a regular?

Long gone are the days that women go out of their way to prove themselves for a seat at the table. They now storm in with their own table and demand to be heard. Even the Baganda women are getting done with all the kneeling shit and seeking accreditation. If there are women still being impressed by mere bouquets, cheap chocolates, sponsors and white men as their right to life, they need to get back to the drawing board. Validation is for parking boo. The goal is to embody the Working Woman, not a Woman Crush.

Too much power for the women(or simply the same heights as her male counterparts) has proved intimidating though, most times resulting in sheer emasculation. Most often than not, these reckoning women are reduced to calculating bitches.

Life happens and some of these worthy women are single. Dedicating their time to building their careers. Some by choice believe it or not. But let the men give their 2 cents on a woman earning more bread than a man. First of all a commission of inquiry is formed. Remember Boss Shollei?

Questionable receipts are aired out as to how this woman came to such power. She must be sleeping around. Herego the beginning of scandals that only get deeper and nastier.

Powerful women at the top bring out the worst in insecure men methinks. They all start scampering and acting out upon the coming to that the women are bejewelling their balls as wearing them as earrings. Translation; All hell breaks loose. Figure this, Zimbabwe’s coup was only executed post Mugabe appointing his wife as his successor. Case in point.

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