Look What You Made Me Do

So close we are, damn near two peas in a pod

Always a good old time cackling and giggling, pretty much baked

So supportive I stayed true. But I’m starting to feel some type of way

Are we really half and half? Seems there’s a hole in this whole.

A case of plastered smiles and hidden knives

While I’m tryna see you win, you are airing me out like a rumor.

Good old times no more with you real comfy on my couch,

All but slobbering all over.

This two-faced mofo think she slicker, methinks.

Going on and on, talking a mile a minute about shit that makes absolute no sense

Makes you feel intellectual I guess

Poor airhead thing

As I go along with you spewing the usual nonsense,

Letting you gather enough rope to eventually hang

Stay trying to one-up me, story of your life

Only thinking if I was you, I’d wanna be me too.

Fly away lil bird and find your identity

Don’t fancy you too much chile..

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