One Last Time

Cruising down this all too familiar lane,

Paranoia abound, Even the rustling leaves seem to be whispering as I break to a halt.

Biting down my Ball Point, thinking Such a pity,

Rather be beating His meat.

Now biding my time in the parking lot akin to a cat in heat,

Drenched in readiness.

Broad daylight, The blinding bling on my middle finger startles from my reverie

Dozen missed calls and messages. So much hue and cry. Dismissed

He visualizes, the object of my unrest, as if upon intuition

Seemingly time slows down to a standstill; the palpitation yet stillness of it all.

Telling signs gleaming in our held gazes

He breaks it just enough to stare at my fidgeting ring finger.

Surely we know better than this.

First of all, A Gentleman’s agreement, to not forthwith act on these silly whims,

Shit’s got me twisted. Still here though

One last time to act up. Call me booboo the fool

‘Til the fat lady sings me down in my dazzling white.

Don’t save her, she don’t wanna be saved.



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