Good Looking Out

Sure as death and taxes is the human ability to put self first. That carnal self purpose sense hidden in plain sight. The little nuances that come to life when we think no one is watching. Our subjective interpretation of truth and right and not necessarily what is. The allure to seek comfort and pleasure over pain and suffering. Most times at the peril of our surroundings. Humanity that trumps all else, dollars to donuts.

Fat-bellied Sugar Daddies are a thing of the past. Enter the High End Madam Services, Cougars and Sponsors and all that jazz. Men and women in parallel out for themselves. Life and times. So much has it festered that I know of parents that have pimped out their 15 year old kids out for a hefty sum. Looking out for themselves. Scream bloody murder, will you.

Parasitic relationships characterized by having your cake and eating it too. ‘What can you do for me?’ ‘What would you be without me?’ Self-importance is one part of that self esteem we are always reaching for. Be clear, nobody is betting on a losing team. On the steady lookout to marry in haste and repent in leisure. Literally.

Strippers have been looking out for themselves. They are now recognized as tax paying citizens under the law. These bodacious, mostly lightskin women dress to the nines on the regular in a pair of the skimpiest underlings. Paired with upto 7 inches worth of stripper heels. Witness all that junk in the trunk. Like juicy meat to the thirsty hyenas, they thrust themselves before their audience and perform to a drooling mob. If you will, some champagne room specials on the menu too. 15 minutes up, they scrape together enough of that cake and scamper off. The jig is up. As a connoisseur of the Strip Clubs, I can claim with authority; they stay popping though! To experience the flexibility of these fine women is a sight to behold. They serve tricking and treating at its best.

Act brand new if you want to, but scamming is a way of life.




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